Wells Lamont

Stubborn About Quality

Fits Like A Glove

In 1907, W.O. Wells establishes The Wells Glove Company in Aberdeen, SD with $500 and five sewing machines. Business was initially dominated by the sales of leather buggy whips & hosiery sales. 3 years later, W.O. phased these out to concentrate their business on making gloves. Seven years later, Maurice Lamont joined The Wells Glove Company and the company was changed to Wells Lamont. Maurice tragically died in a hunting accident six months later. The name was kept to honor W.O.’s friend and business partner. In 1928, Wells Lamont introduces its iconic White Mule leather palm glove. These quickly became the most prominent, best selling leather palm gloves in the United States during that time frame. The mule image would eventually be added to the Wells Lamont logo. Nearly 50 years later, the Pritzker family’s Marmon Group purchases Wells Lamont with the aim to further overall growth and return-on-investment. The Marmon Group would later be acquired by Berkshire Hathaway. In the 80's, Paul Harvey advertised Wells Lamont and the catch-phrase “Stubborn about Quality.” James Earl Jones was also a spokesperson for Wells Lamont in the 1980s. In 2013, Wells Lamont introduces HydraHyde® leather gloves. This water-resistant, breathable leather is developed during the tanning process, making it a no-maintenance, long-term option when compared to temporary topical leather wax. In 2016, another innovation follows in 2016 with the introduction of ComfortHyde™ leather. A less costly alternative to deerskin, this technology creates the same, supple leather feel with 70% better abrasion resistance. In 2019, Wells Lamont announces the most recent line addition to the catalog. The FX3 line focuses on perfecting the FIT, FLEX, and FEEL of high-dexterity work gloves without sacrificing hand safety and protection.